Complexity, meet simplicity.

Every media investment starts and ends with an audience. But we know it’s not always as simple as it sounds. At Ampersand, it’s in our DNA to simplify the complex. The AND Platform™ makes it easy to plan, execute, and measure your audience-based multi-screen TV campaigns — and we do it at unprecedented scale. We leverage proprietary viewing insights and leading technology to help you efficiently and effectively meet your goals. And your audience.

Define + Find

Find the highest concentration of the consumer segment you want to reach, among 117 million multiscreen households, with proprietary viewership insights from nearly 64 million households. We deliver your ad to your precise audience on 165+ networks and apps, in any day part and in 200+ DMAs in the US.

Plan + Execute

Finding your unique audience is only as good as the operational efficiencies that support your ad delivery. Once you define and find your audience, our platform enables you to seamlessly activate your optimal plan, driving greater efficiencies into your media investment.

Measure + Report

We know measurement matters. And every marketer has the same core questions: Did my campaign run? What was the reach and frequency of my campaign? Did my media drive the outcomes I wanted? With the Ampersand platform, your questions meet answers.