Introducing The AND Platform

Jan 23rd, 2020

Written by Ampersand Marketing

The AND Platform is a huge step in bringing audience-based buying and automation to clients through a single interface that supports both local and national TV buying. Fueled by viewership insights from nearly 40 million HHs, with activation on hundreds of cable networks across 85 million HHs, The AND Platform provides unparalleled scale in TV for executing multi-screen, audience-based buys.

We start with two simple questions that every marketer needs to answer:

  • 1. Who are you trying to reach?
  • 2. What are your goals?

Ampersand tells you HOW.

With three integrated modules, it supports every step of advertisers’ media plan in a single platform.

  • Define + Find an audience using Nielsen demo or custom audiences
  • Plan + Execute with an optimized schedule across multi-screen TV supply
  • Measure + Report both reach and frequency and business outcomes


We all know that premium video content is ‘hot’ right now with more consumer access points than ever before. The mere definition of TV continues to evolve. However, it’s clear that TV – in all it’s forms – remains pivotal to the success of advertisers in reaching engaged consumers.  The challenge for marketers is that fragmentation today exists not only across devices, but channels, time and location – making it difficult to find and follow audiences. Data and automation is key to allow advertisers to buy strategic audiences at scale.

Meet The AND Platform.