An Exciting Return:
Advertising Week New York

Dec 15th, 2021

Written by Ampersand Marketing

After countless virtual events, Ampersand was thrilled to rejoin our peers IN PERSON at this year’s Advertising Week New York. This time, with a new mantra: The Total TV Company. We spoke a lot, on stage and virtually, around the light-speed the television industry is moving: Why, when and where consumers view TV, the importance of data partnerships in an audience-first television ecosystem, and more. As the Total TV Company, Ampersand will continue to lead the way in finding viewers wherever they watch, however they watch and whatever they’re watching.

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It’s All TV

The TV industry is constantly evolving, never moreso than now. This also means our audiences are evolving too. The consumer is in the proverbial driver’s seat because they control when, where, and how they are consuming content. They have more choices and that means their attention is a scarce resource. The boundaryless way in which audiences consume content requires all of us to think more strategically and holistically about how TV is bought, planned, and measured.

To kick off Advertising Week New York, Ampersand President Andrew Ward, sat down with industry leaders Chief Partnerships Officer, Initiative, Maureen Bosetti, President, dentsu’s Amplifi, Mike Law and Chief Investment Officer, Group M, Matt Sweeney to talk about how to solve for the challenges around data, measurement, partnerships, precise audience targeting and more in the TV ecosystem.



TV Meet Digital

Is TV having its digital moment? You bet. From custom audiences, first and third-party data and CPMs as a singular industry currency, how do leaders adapt their strategies and teams to embrace this moment? What is the “good” we can bring from digital’s advancements, leaving the bad behind? How do we build, train, and sustain our talent to develop new skills and strategies?

Hosted by Ampersand, a panel of experts featuring Chief Data Officer, Horizon Media Laura McElhinney, SVP of US National Video Innovation, dentsu, Brad Stockton and VP Advanced TV and Audio, Essence Global, Mike Fisher to understand how they navigate this change and also how to encourage more unification within the marketplace among agencies, brands, and data partners.


Leaning into the Discomfort of Change

It’s been a trying 20 months across ALL industries. Couple that with the red-hot evolution of the TV advertising industry and you have a lot of moving parts! Ampersand CEO Nicolle Pangis sits down with Advertising Week New York to talk about how her leadership has changed over the course of the pandemic. She shares her beliefs on failure, transparency, and the value in taking risks.