Carat Conversations with Nicolle Pangis

Apr 28th, 2020

Written by Ampersand Marketing

Earlier this year at CES we launched our tagline “Moving TV Forward.” Our CEO, Nicolle Pangis, expanded on the messaging and its importance during her interview with Carat’s CMO, Robert Schwartz.

Ampersand is combining the power of TV with the best of digital to not only help marketers reach their audiences, but also to ensure a great brand experience for consumers. “TV has the best content” Nicolle explains. TV commercials offer a premium quality that digital just does not offer. “Now, TV has better data and we can create a more ‘digital-like’ experience for brands.”


While Nicolle acknowledges the strides we’re making and that we’re on the “frontier” of TV, she also focuses the advancements needed and that we need to be okay with trial and error in order to move forward and succeed.

Watch the full interview here to see where the future of TV is headed, the impact of data and user-interface on consumer experience, and how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable!

Run time: 27:48